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  1. @hooper @colinwalker Wishing there were some sort of wiki or the like where people could start putting together a “WordPress for micro.blog” guide (tips, tricks, known issues) and then start turning it into a nice documentation pull request against the help site…

  2. @colinwalker Yeah, I’m still thinking about what I want to end up doing, and that was the path of least resistance at that point, since I’d apparently configured your date-as-title shim in a way that micro.blog didn’t strip (too much text?).

  3. @cheesemaker @hooper Plus @names are not parsed in posts coming from WordPress (known issue IIUC) & getting Webmention for replies, etc. Just having a bit more documented would be good IMO. I also had to do a bunch of guessing to connect iOS app when Help didn’t help w/the error.

  4. @hooper @colinwalker What we recommend is that people just leave the title blank, so it doesn’t require any major customization. One of the goals with Micro.blog is that installing anything extra is optional. (I don’t use any plugins in my WordPress install. Definitely a lot more in the book I’m writing.)

  5. @cheesemaker Long ago, I cleaned up a bunch of junk WP put in the head & disabled the RSD link as part of that. Unusual, and my fault, but if there were docs for the error msg & stated that was what the app needed, I’d’ve figured it out vs having to guess how XML-RPC was “broken”

  6. @manton @hooper I definitely make things more complicated than they need to be but I’m a bit fussy and want them looking/working a specific way on the backend. It all depends on how you’re set up and what you want to get from it, but things can be ridiculously simple.

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