09/27/2019, 14:51

I have never been very good at social media. I start off interested and excited, but soon find myself bored and lost….how do you stay engaged and what’s the payoff? I’m looking to start a new career in technology, so I’m wondering again about these things.

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  1. @hooper Here on this platform for Apple nerds, I think it’s best to just take it slow. There is no race here, no prize to be won. Just relax, breathe, scan for something that catches your eye. It could take a while, but eventually something will come along that surprises you, delights you, triggers a thought of your own that is worthy of posting. Then gather that thought, express it clearly and post it. It may be noticed by others. If not, that’s okay too. Another day you will be noticed and appreciated and that will be fun, a red letter day, but don’t be in a hurry to make it happen. Just let it be.

  2. @hooper The way I stay engaged is by finding the things that bring me delight (and being patient for them to come around), and then letting people know that they brought me delight and how and why. After a while, you start building a community of people who share things that are in your interest, and who are interested in hearing from you and your thoughts, too.

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